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Wizard Rock EP of the Month Club
Wizard Rock EP of the Month Club

Wizard Rock EP of the Month Club

Hello wizard rockers!

I feel like we're all such good pals now. Let's just have a quick review of what's been going on.

There are now over 500 different wizard rock bands! Here at EP Club HQ, we've just finished up our second year. All told, we've released 24 different CDs, and we've raised over $30,000 for a couple really amazing non-profit organizations.

While some may look and see a waning enthusiasm around wizard rock, I can tell you that the bands involved in this project are 100% committed to giving you something truly magical to put in your CD player. Without tooting our own horn too much, I daresay that we helped usher into existence some of the best wizard rock recordings of 2008. Seriously guys: the Mudbloods EP? Big Whompy?! the Giant Squidstravaganza!?!??! If you were a subscriber, you know that 2008 was top notch, and I can tell you that we're not letting up in 2009.

So with that, it gives me great pleasure to officially announce the

2009 Wizard Rock EP of the Month Club!!!

Featuring exclusive EPs from old and new friends such as:

Harry and the Potters
the Whomping Willows
the Moaning Myrtles
Tonks and the Aurors
Swish and Flick
Mary and the GrandPres
Danny Dementor
MC Kreacher
Shrieking Shack Disco Gang
and one awesome surprise EP!!

This year, we are limiting the club to 750 subscriptions. The price of subscriptions remains $60 for US and Canada, and $75 for all foreign countries.

The beneficiary of the 2009 EP of the Month Club will be the Harry Potter Alliance. We are thrilled to support an organization that is wholly dedicated to using the Harry Potter books as an inspiration for reshaping our own world. More than any other part of the Harry Potter fandom, the HPA truly exemplifies the extraordinary character and dedication of the people who make this community so special. This is a unique organization and the work they are doing is something that all Harry Potter fans can be proud of. We are excited to continue fundraising for them in 2009. Together we are Dumbledore's Army, and we will fight to make this world a better place.

Here's how the EP Club works:

For each month of 2009, we will be releasing an exclusive CD from one of the awesome wizard rock bands listed above. Members in the club will receive 3 CDs at a time, at four different points in the year. These EPs are extremely limited and the only way to acquire the full set will be through subscriptions. The membership fees will be used to cover all costs associated with producing and distributing the CDs to members. After that, all remaining proceeds will be donated to the Harry Potter Alliance.

In addition, each participating band will receive 200 copies of their CD for free and they will be able to sell these separately from the subscriptions. Through these sales, many of these bands will be able to raise money to support future wizard rock endeavors.

We hope that you'll consider joining us! For the very reasonable price of $60 ($5 per CD! OMG!) you'll get 12 different CDs over the course of 2009. Let me reiterate that the content of those 12 CDs will be completely exclusive to the EP Club! Pretty much the only way you're going to hear these songs is if you're subscribed to the club. And then on top of that, a whole bunch of that money you spend is going to help the Harry Potter Alliance continue to spread the messages of Albus Dumbledore throughout the world.

I've already heard the first 3 CDs that we'll be shipping, and these are some of the best discs we've ever released. So if you like what you've heard from us in the past, you'll certainly like what we've got coming up. Once again, we look forward to bringing you some of the best Wizard Rock (and WizHop) of 2009!

Thanks again for making 2008 such a huge success! Let's do it again in 2009!

Most sincerely,
Paul T. DeGeorge
Harry and the Potters